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At seventy, I am slowly being regarded as an inspirational woman of our times. This pleases me no end since I have given most of my life to taking care of others as an international life coach. I am one of few who has honest claim to my title of ‘Teacher of Self Knowledge.’  This [...]

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Makeup tattoos and Agarose. New beauty trends for the over sixties.

Makeup tattoos and Agarose. New beauty trends for the over sixties. Here I am, a hopefully still foxy 70 year old who is ready to share her beauty secrets with you – without ridiculous claims or hype. If you care about looking good and staying that way for as [...]

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Scientific facts and application of semen beauty mask

There is a Taoist order of nuns in China called White Tigress society, who apparently use semen all over their bodies to prevent skin ageing. My question is how the saucy minxes harvest so much of the stuff! In your case, since we are only talking about the face - [...]

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BANANA FAST – this adjusts the iron, sodium, potassium factors in body. 1 day. Breakfast: 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice with pulp left in, sweetened with honey. After one hour eat two bananas. Chew thoroughly. This is important and eat the strings of white that stick to banana. Immediately after banana eat contents of one whole [...]

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